Why Green is Good

20th January 2020 / Posted by Impressions

Why our business is green & eco-friendly

I have a passion for sustainability. I don’t know where it came from but it’s how I’m wired. And how people feel about that aspect of me usually fall into one of two categories.

You get me. Or at least you respect the way I feel about the planet, possibly would like to do the things I do (read on!) or you already do. Thank you!

The rest of you see me as a bit of a nutter, a tree hugger, an eco-bitch (that is actually what my colleagues call me). Water off a duck’s back.

But whatever your standpoint (in the words of Wendell Berry) – ‘The Earth is what we all have in common’.

Bringing in Eco-Friendly Products

Whatever I do in work I have sustainability in mind. Yesterday was one of those days that really allowed me to get stuck in. We were at the NEC for the Printwear and Promotion exhibition. Its where our suppliers of workwear, leisurewear and some team wear suppliers exhibit. And where we go to see the new developments in machinery and consumables.

It was refreshing to see lots of emphasis on ‘eco-garments’ whether this is sustainable organic cotton or things made from recycled plastic bottles.

A couple of things got me excited – and we will be introducing these over the next few weeks! These cute little organics shoppers are fabulous and available on our website and in store from Wednesday. Click here to order bit.ly/cottonshopper

I love what this company do www.neutral.com and we had a fascinating conversation about the importance of organic cotton and the damage GM cotton does to our planet.

Regatta are producing workwear made from Recycled bottles in their Honestly Made range. Samples of a workwear Fleece and softshell will be available in our Standish Shop later this week.

Bag Base have introduced a range of bags made from recycled bottles too! (You’d never know)

Stanley/Stella produce certified organic cotton leisurewear and the stuff is just gorgeous. We wear the Hoodies and T Shirts as our staff uniform. So check us out whenever you like!

Jane Goodhall said that you cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference. And you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.

We can all make a difference to climate change– these are my tips

Stop buying plastic bottles. Send the kids to school with these bio-degradable plastic bottles from William Turner and Son. Available in store or on our website here.

Ditch the plastic shopping bags. We do a range of shopping bags for life and all of them can be personalised. Pop in for some inspiration (My favourite is our embroidered ones that say ‘I make Prosecco disappear – What’s your superpower?) – I can’t think why!!

Recycle what you can. You can recycle your crisp packets and help the Kent Surry Sussex Air Ambulance at the same time by sending your crisp packets here or dropping them off at our shop until the end of March.

Plastic bottles can be recycled into any number of useful things – including garments and bags. We already stock blazers made from recycled plastic bottles and this year we are looking to widen our range of products this year including bags from BagBase!

Join our merry band of eco-friendly warriors!

We have done what we can to provide choices for you. We make a conscious decision to keep everything as green as possible so you don’t have to. Biodegradable carriers and postage bags, recycling waste, eco-friendly product ranges etc. So just by shopping with us you are more environmentally friendly. And you hugged a virtual tree just by reading this! Go get em eco-warrior!

You could help influence our sustainability strategy by being on our customer panel. Click here to find out how Or sign up to our newsletter and we will keep you informed of our Eco Journey.