Our First Eco Week

29th January 2020 / Posted by Impressions

Wow what a fascinating day for eco-week!

Firstly, can I say a huge thank you to everyone who came to support the day, attend the workshop or just came to say Hi – it was great to see you all! We want to give a special thanks to Kathryn Shuttleworth and her team at David Luke for the Workshop and the and the David Luke goodies!!

We started the day with the first of the workshops, covering the process of turning plastic bottles into garments and the links to the Eco Schools programme and Sustainability in general.

All of these garments, made by Manchester Based supplier David Luke Ltd have been made using recycled plastic bottles

We also covered the methods of production, packaging, shipping and the attitudes of the wider public of differing ages to the issues around sustainability and climate change.

At our lunchtime session we brought in members and directors of the Smart Futures CIC and Caeryn delivered a presentation on how this will work.

Many informal discussions took place and we swapped numbers!

Standish High were in attendance along with more primary schools in the afternoon session. It was refreshing to hear that a group of Year 10 students are clearly championing sustainability issues in schools. 

Lots of positive things came out of the day and these include:

  • A commitment from Impressions to deliver Eco -Week every year.  This may be tied into a Wigan Wide Eco week currently being championed by the Wigan Youth Eco Council in the future. 
  • Impressions will continue to Champion Eco Issues
  • There was a clear commitment from the Suppliers to continue working on production and packaging issues.
  • There was a commitment from all parties to work together wherever possible to champion environmental issues. 

It was also great to have the team for Happy smiles CIC in attendance. They provided us with information about the range of training they deliver to schools and other organisations.  We look forward to working with them! For more information or to book them for your organisation you can contact them on info@happysmilesblog.co.uk

Thank you to everyone who took part and thank you especially for your valuable insights.  We have listened and hope to take it all on board! We look forward to seeing you at future events!

Caeryn, Katie and the Team

For details more details about the suppliers we work with who are championing Eco products head to impressionsuniform.co.uk/ecoweek/ecoweek