Water, Water Everywhere

11th July 2020 / Posted by Impressions

I still don’t get it – the water thing.  When I was a kid we just drank from the tap.  Straight from it sometimes when Mum wasn’t looking.  If we got caught we’d get the teatowel slap and ‘dirty little urchins’ shout!

I did it for a while.  ‘Drink more water – it’s healthy’.  I bought lots of bottle water. But it’s not water I bought, it was plastic bottles, it was pollution and it was excessive landfill. So I stopped.

I have bottles everywhere now. In the car, at work, in my bag.  It’s actually not that hard.  There is an app you can get called ‘Refill’.  Go to www.refill.org.uk. You can take your bottle into any refill station on the list and get your bottle filled.  Just like Starbucks and Morrisons our shops are refill stations!

What is healthier – bottled water or tap water?

Tap water is fresher and studies have shown it is healthier – don’t take my word for it… https://www.nationalgeographic.com/news/2010/3/why-tap-water-is-better/

And seriously people – how much do we spend on a plastic bottle of free stuff we then throw away. Are we crazy??

Turning plastic bottles into school uniform

Now yes we have some amazing technology that can turn plastic bottles into some amazing things. Like high schools blazers – who knew? Well David Luke the company that pioneered this 10 years ago did. And this year we were responsible for preventing 52,900 plastic bottles going to landfill by turning them into blazers. That’s the equivalent if we had put those bottle in a line of travelling for Standish to Bolton. Or over 44 households annual total plastic waste saved. That’s great – but really the ideal is for us not to have to.

The really beautiful thing is we can drink water from sustainable vessels. Like a glass. Or if you need to take a bottle into school try these biodegradable plastic bottles from William Turner

Reusable bottles for school kids

Available from our website

So come on it’s not hard. If I can do it, anyone can. What’s the worst that can happen – oh yeah we could make the world a better place!!

See more here https://graphics.reuters.com/ENVIRONMENT-PLASTIC/0100B275155/index.html