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‘Happy customers are our priority’

A little bit about our business

If you lived in Standish and went to school in the early 80s, chances are you’ll have got your school uniform from Standish Sports and Uniforms. We’ve been trading in Standish for almost 40 years (moving back to the High Street in 2019). Then in 2015 we opened up a second shop in Golborne. Calling it Standish Sports and Uniforms got a bit confusing, though. So after a bit of thinking in 2019, we re-branded our entire outfit (no pun intended) as ‘Impressions’.

I became the outright owner in 2013, and I took on my daughter, Katie, in 2015. She actually knew the business inside out by that time. Having worked at the shop during every summer holiday period since starting school and making herself utterly indispensable. She’s quickly showed her flair for management and she’s now the Operations Director, but I’ll always remember her being our little (she was 5ft 8 at 15) shop junior.

I’m a mum of 3 kids, so I’ve personally bought, washed and ironed a mountain of uniforms over the years. My youngest is still in primary school so I have several joyous years of sorting out uniforms still ahead of me. My complete and utter aversion to laundry means that I’ve made it my mission at Impressions to source uniform garments that are easy to wash and, where possible, require minimal ironing.

My children are all so different to each other, and as a result, I’ve used my experience to design a range of services to help make uniform shopping hassle-free.

A better way to shop Uniform

Prefer to shop from your sofa with a cup of tea (glass of wine) in hand? I’ve sorted it for you. We even offer home-fitting services, having actively despised the in-shop process with one of my own kids. This unique delivery service means you can order and pay for one size, but you can select extra sizes to try on during the delivery to minimise the faff of trial and error. We also do home appointments for children with sensory issues! Oh yes, I’ve been there too…

We implement things that we’d want to see ourselves when out enduring shopping with our kids. We’ve got sweetie jars for bribery and/or reward, puppets to support those who need a little coaxing. We’ve got boxes upon boxes of tissues for emotional parents who fall apart the minute they see their ‘baby’ in their first school uniform. Think that’s not going to be you? Just wait.

We’re eco through and through at Impressions, so whatever style you leave our shops with, know that your purchase is green from start to finish. You’re parent of the year, you really are!

Our customer panel

I test all of the schoolwear we sell on my own kids. I’m running out of school-age children. However, I’ve created a customer panel! Please get in touch via the button below or Facebook if you would like to be part of our panel, or you would simply like to know more about the service. It’s great for our business and amazing for my home life, as I don’t particularly want to raise any more kids!


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