Why Feedback is important

11th January 2020 / Posted by Impressions

Lets talk about my day

Two beautiful things happened today.  Well actually there were lots of beautiful things happened today.  And it was all about feedback. 

As part of a business development programme we were asked to send a message to people who would give me honest feedback on my strengths and weaknesses.  It was a little nerve wracking if I’m honest.   

One of the people I asked was our Operations Director Katie.  She probably knows me better than anyone and I’ve known her for 28 years (since the day she was born in fact!).  She dutifully told me my weaknesses (painfully accurate) thank you honey.  Then she told me my strengths.  A couple of these I wouldn’t have listed but were beautiful to hear.  Then she added you’re a pretty great Mum too!  Wow that was powerful! (Yes it made me cry) 

The second thing that happened was this.  A present from my 8 year old son he’d made at school.   

So whilst I know I’m not the best Mum it made me stop and think tonight.  Firstly we should interact more with our kids.  Asking questions, as I found today can lead to beautiful things. There are of course lots of other ways to spend time with your kids. There’s loads of articles doing the rounds but these are my favourites in a nutshell: 


Get outside. My 8 yr old son and I have started going to our local parkruns together. They are free and a great way to be social and keep fit. Find out more here.

Talk to them more 

Tickle them, cuddle them, brush their hair  

Play Board games 

Give them chores 

So tonight we read, told each other daft jokes, tidied his room together and had a cuddle at bed time.  And we both feel better for it. 

The second thing I’ve learned is the power of feedback.  Not only does good feedback make you feel good it made me go and give positive feedback to others. So go and tell someone how awesome they are.  Beautiful things might just happen to you too!