Support for kids with additional needs

14th July 2020 / Posted by Impressions

Support for kids with additional needs (and for ones who are just awkward too!!)

There is a direct correlation between how late you are for the school run and the number of stalling techniques the kids use!

Mum there’s a bump in my sock. I blame the snake in Woody’s boots for that one, but actually kids often don’t like the bump in the sock or the scratchy shirt or the sleeves that come up to the wrong part of the wrist.

Why some children complain about the bump in their sock:

If you follow mum blogs like Hurrah for Gin, Why Mummy Drinks or Peter and Jane (and there are a whole host of others) its because they are awkward or doing it deliberately with the clinical intention to wind you up. However, it can be a little more serious than that – sometimes this is a sensory disorder. It is estimated that between 5 and 16% of kids have one.

A sensory processing disorder doesn’t mean the child is on the autistic spectrum though. The Star institute suggests that whilst Autistic kids are very likely to have a sensory processing issue the same isn’t true the other way round.

We get it

I understand much around this. Firstly I have an autistic daughter who has many sensory issues. Secondly we talk to our customers.

So we now stock seamless socks,  provide comfort backing to put on the inside of garments with embroidered logos. We can also print logos instead of embroidering them and provide 100% cotton garments for children with irritable skin. We can provide alterations for children who aren’t a traditional shape.

Here at Impressions, we are also happy to adapt our services to work around children with special needs. So whatever your request please let us know how we can help!

We like to make uniform shopping (and uniform wearing) hassle free!