Impressions’ 6 Tips to Relieve Stress

5th November 2020 / Posted by Impressions

Here we go again, confined to barracks with just our daily exercise to look forward to. Your stress levels may be high, but luckily the kids aren’t at home this time – I get Joe Wicks all to myself.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t actually do the workouts – I just watch and imagine what it might be like if I did! Honest that’s what I’m thinking!  

If watching Joe Wicks followed by back to back property shows isn’t making you do air high fives and you are wondering how to get through it this time we’ve put together a few tips to help you out.  

1: Make THAT Playlist 

Put some power ballads on and sing your heart out.  Dance round the living room to Dua Lipa! (You might want to close the curtains for that one).  Music can boost your spirits, increase your energy and lighten the mood. If you want to know how check out this article.  

What motivates you more than all your favourite songs in one place? – Make your playlist of the songs that take you back, or that get you going! I made a motivational playlist with songs like Moloko – The Time is Now, Beyonce Run the World, Stronger by Kelly Clarkson and Keep your head up by Ben Howard and Giant by Calvin Harris and Rag n Bone man!  

Alternatively, there are plenty of playlists on Spotify such as:  

If you haven’t got Spotify, there’s always a good one on YouTube! We’ve found this one, but there’s hundreds…  

When you’re listening to your music why not… 

2: Enjoy a long warm bath 

Go on… Take some time for yourself and forget about everything else – lock the kids out and take some me time. Why not indulge yourself with some Bodyshop Bath Bubbles (our favourite is the coconut).  

Find it here:  

If you’re feeling more sophisticated there are some lovely bath essentials from Neal’s Yard Remedies, such as the foaming bath. My favourite is the Geranium and Orange. Although, they do have a lavender beauty sleep, which combined with some meditation, sends you straight to sleep! Believe me, I’ve tried it. It relieves stress and you wake up with more more energy. 

For all your bath and meditation needs: 

Geranium and Orange:  

Lavender Beauty Sleep:  


Just don’t let the kids come in and offer to wash your back with the festering flannel on the side of the bath.  It ruins the experience.  Apparently. 

 3. Keep up or start frequent exercise

I know the gyms have shut, but there’s no reason why we can’t use what we’ve got a keep it up!  Exercise has been proven to be a big stress reliever.

This should help:  


If you didn’t get back into your fitness since the gyms re opened, then this is a brilliant chance to star (and prepare yourself for the Christmas feasts!). If you’re not comfortable going on runs, or working out on your own, then there’s loads online – ranging from intense fitness to calm yoga! 

We’ve found a couple for you to look at:  

Joes 5 Minute Workouts:  

Force Fitness Wigan (Facebook Live Classes Daily):  

Studio One Yoga Classes:  

For more fitness and health ideas, check out Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles website, although events have been cancelled until December 2nd, you could always sign on to events after December 2nd and make it our goal to take part throughout December! 

Check out their website here: 

4.  Enjoy a Zoom Call with Friends

Did you see everyone doing their Zoom calls last lockdown? – Well why not get your group of friends and set 1 day a week, where you all take the time out of your evening and have a catch up.  

A few games we played on our Zooms (and loved) are: 

-Quizzes: Get your group, and take it in turns each week to be the quizmaster. Think of the best questions to get everyone thinking and have fun watching people answer them. 

-The first person to find me a: This was our absolute favourite! – You have one person who reads out a list they’ve made, full of different household items. They read one of the sheet and the first person to be on camera with that item wins! – Its really good, you need to try it! 

-Bingo: Its an oldie, but played with the right people and the right prizes its brilliant! – Last lockdown, all of us who were playing would pay £5 for their tickets and the winner would win the total amount and order something off Amazon (Seems a great idea on paper, unless you don’t win  SINGLE game like us last lockdown). 

For more Zoom ideas:  

5. Do what brings you joy!

No matter what – through lockdown, you need to be doing what makes you happy. Whether that be exercise or zoom calls. What makes one person happy isn’t always the same as what makes YOU happy. Last lockdown, all we saw was adult colouring books. Everywhere! (Seriously… EVERYWHERE) – People were loving them. 

Here at Impressions we did an internal survey and found that during last lockdown, our staff found that reading different books and listening to podcasts and YouTube videos reduced their stress levels! – A healthy mind is a healthy life!  Others enjoyed home baking (apart from the washing up), eating the home baking and wine tasting!  

A brilliant YouTube channel we found through the first lockdown was:  

6. Honourable Mentions – Take that stress away before Christmas!

Get that shopping done nice and early! We’ve got lots of personalised gifts available if that’s something you would like? View our brochure here.

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