Our Top Tips To Reduce Your Plastic Waste

8th November 2021 / Posted by Impressions

‘300 million tonnes of plastic waste are produced each year, of which 8 million end up in our oceans’

Shocking, isn’t it?

In the light of the COP26 meeting it is becoming more and more apparent as to why we need to reduce the use of single use plastics and try to reduce our carbon emissions. Without steps being taken from the government and ourselves our planet may not be as we know it for future generations.

We’ve put together our Top 8 Tips (and some honourable mentions) on how you an reduce your single use plastic usage!

1.Avoid the use of a singular Plastic Bottles

Why pay for a new bottle of water everyday when you could carry around a metal bottle of water and fill it up daily? Did you know that a single plastic bottle takes around 500 years to biodegrade and it is estimated that the average household uses over 160 plastic bottles a year and many if not all of these could be reused or refilled. Check out our metal water bottles here.

2. Say no to plastic straws & Cutlery

Although plastic straws are no longer supplied from many different places here in the UK, some businesses still hand out plastic straws. There are many alternatives and it is crucial that we chose them. Yes, we know it makes your life a little easier to use the cutlery, but why not think ahead and take your own?

3.Give Plastic Food Trays the Boot!

Try not to purchase food that is stored in single use plastic trays/containers. Such as polystyrene trays for fruit and veg. Why not buy the single items and use biodegradable bags – it’s also cheaper! Better still go to your local Farm shop where many of the items sold will have come form local farms, lowering the carbon footprint of your veg!

4.Carry round a coffee cup!

Yes… we know you love your coffee in the morning, but do you need it in a fresh cup everyday? No, you don’t! Most places now offer re-usable coffee cups that you can use, wash and use again! Did you know a plastic cup takes around 100 years to biodegrade?

5.Take your own bag to do the shopping.

Too many times do we still see people paying for bags every time they go and do the big shop! Not only does it cost a fortune, its also negatively impacting our planet! Bags typically take around 400 years to biodegrade. Not only does this have a huge impact on our planet, it also has an impact on the animals that may be around that plastic bag!

6.Don’Chew be throwing that gum!

Did you know that most chewing gum contains plastic? No? Neither did I until I did a little research. Try to cut down on the amount of gum you purchase, and if you absolutely have to… at least recycle it correctly!

7.Change up your daily cleaning routines!

You can avoid the use of too much plastic bottles in your cleaning routines. There are many subscription services such as Splosh and Smol that send you capsules or packs through the post to refills your plastic bottles. Or why not ditch the cleaners and go for natural. Lemon and rosemary are natural disinfectants along with white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. There are lots of recipes on Pinterest! In the kitchen avoid using plastic sponges which not only don’t biodegrade they also wash nasty bits of toxic microfibres down the sink every time you wash your dishes.  These find their way in to the ocean and instead use cotton scrubbing pads, sisal and cellulose scrubbers and coconut kitchen scorers.  

8.Speak to your family and friends!

If you see people you know contributing to the use of single use plastics, speak to them. Spread awareness of what the impacts of using single use plastics are! Why not share this post to your social media? Or download our infographic to use for your own social media post Here here. If you do, don’t forget to tag us!

A few honourable mentions…

Ocean saver bottles can be bought in some supermarkets and the capsules that you just add water too come in little cardboard boxes.   

Us brits are estimated to drink over 60 billion cups of tea a year!! Watch your tea bags – they contain plastic in many cases and don’t biodegrade. PG Tips, Clipper, Pukka and Twining are all plastic free if loose leaf tea isn’t your thing. However, if  you are a tea monkey that loves a good cuppa, check out these loose leaf tea infusers on Etsy.

If there’s anything we you take away from this blog, it would be to think before you act.

If you can’t Re-use it, Refuse it.


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