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We try our best to answer any questions you might have, hopefully you can find what you need on this page. We will keep updating this page as our uniform services grow. If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for please get in touch using the details provided on the enquiry page. Thank you!


I want to order online but I’m not sure what size I need?

If you haven’t ordered before, or for a while you can measure your child. Click here to see a vide on where to measure. Then use our size guides to help you decide which size to choose. Each garment has its own size guide on the page.

We can advise you via a telephone or zoom appointment if you aren’t sure.

If you still aren’t sure and don’t want to risk having to return items you can use our take two delivery service. Order and pay for one size then indicate in the take two box what other sizes you would like us to bring. We will bring the selected sizes too and you can try on whilst we are there. Well your child not you – that would be a bit weird!

Can I return Items?

Yes.  If you have bought in the shop or online you can return any items within 28 days and we will be more than happy to offer you an exchange or a credit note.  Please ensure the garment has all of it’s original labels on and you have proof of purchase.

Can I get a refund?

If your garment is faulty you may have a refund or exchange.  If you have ordered and paid for an item that we cannot supply within a reasonable time forma, or by the end of the summer holidays we will offer a full refund.  However, we cannot offer a refund if you have simply changed your mind.  For our full refund policy and to find out why click here.

How Long do credit notes last for?

Credit notes last for 2 years.

How do I arrange a home fitting?

To find our about our pioneering home fittings service simply head over to our dedicated home fittings page.  To book a home fitting simply click on the button on that page.  (not available in 2020)

I’m not sure how many to get of each item. Can someone advise me?

Yes of course.  Each child is different of course.  For younger children at Primary school bear in mind they rarely come home clean, so you can judge the amounts you need on how often you like to wash your child’s clothes!  Primary school children only need one PE kit.

Ties – We always recommend 2 ties, whatever age your child is.  The same pixie that eats socks often plays hide the tie!

If you want tailored advice feel free to give us a call or book a telephone or zoom appointment.

Can I order now but pay later/ in instalments?

Yes of course.  You can order in the shop and put your uniform away.  You can order online and do the same thing by choosing the layaway option at checkout.  Click here to watch a video of how to do that.

Do I need to make an appointment to sort out my child’s uniform?

During the day you don’t need an appointment.  You’ll only need an appointment if you want to come in outside of shop hours or if you have very little time.

Update for 2020 if you need to try on uniform you will need to book an appointment.

Do you have it in stock or do I just order it?

We mostly have items in stock.  Occasionally items will need to be ordered in and very occasionally made to order.  We can advise you at the time of the order the likely due date of any of these items.

My child has special needs? Do you offer any extra support?

Absolutely.  You can book a home fitting or a fitting outside of hours where there will be no one else present.  We can ensure quiet and low lighting if necessary.

We can also help you with a range of garments.  We can order natural fibres, have ties made into elastic ties, give you some iron on comfort backing to that embroidered logos don’t rub, arrange a seamstress to fit garments and more.  Get in touch with your requirements and we will do our best to help.


Can I get my delivery to come at a particular time?

Yes. You will be contacted by the member of staff who will be delivering to arrange a time.

What if I have forgotten something?

Until your order has been delivered you are welcome to add to your order

Can I try my items on while you wait?

If you order with the take two service, where we bring multiple sizes you are welcome to try on while we wait.

What if I need to return part of my order?

You will need to arrange the return either by post or in person.

Why have I been charged for my delivery?

We have set delivery charges. Click here to see our terms and conditions.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver in person within a 5-mile radius of the shops.  Outside of that, we use a postal or courier service.

Sports Clubs

What type of kit can you provide?

Running, hockey, football, rugby – we’ve done allsorts. We haven’t come across a club we can’t provide for yet. We do like a challenge!

Does all my kit need to come from the same manufacturer?

Nope. If you want a hoody from one supplier but a match kit from another that’s fine with us.

Am I tied into a contract?

Not unless you want to be. Some of our suppliers will give cashback deals to clubs that stay with them but you don’t have to enter into a contract if you don’t want to.

Ok so how do cashback deals work then?

You usually sign up for 3 years. There will be a minimum spend per year. As soon as you go over that you start earning cashback in the form of free kit. There is often the chance for a cash boost at the end of the 3 year period. It depends on the supplier but we can talk you through the deals offered.

How do we know what sizes to order?

We can provide you with a sample sizing set for members to try on.

Can we look at samples?

Of course

Can our members order direct from you?

Yes we have a number of clubs that have a ‘club shop’ on our website. Click here to see some examples.


How much is an embroidered polo?

Well that depends.  We like to offer you the best fit for the industry you work in.  A surveyor won’t be offered the same polo as a plasterer! They start from £8 including embroidery.

Is there a minimum order?

Er – yes 1

What’s the difference between printing and embroidery?

Embroidery is likely to last longer but is better for smaller areas of decoration.  Print is heat pressed onto the garment so you need to take more care washing and drying your garments but you can have a larger area of decoration

How long will my order take?

It depends on how many and the amount of decoration but as a guide 7-10 working days but we will always give you a clear order at the time you place your order.  We can complete orders faster if required.

Is there a set up charge for the artwork?

Yes there is an initial set of charge of £6.  Once your logo is set up that’s it.  There is no set up charge for printing.


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