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‘Happy customers are our priority’

Procurement Policy

To make uniform shopping hassle free in a way that protects and enhances people, communities and planet we aim to actively source garments with the following considerations: 


We aim to purchase 100% of the clothing we sell from sources that have a commitment to both people and planet by 2025.  We will only buy from companies where we can trace all aspects of the supply chain.   

As of November 2020 approximately 80% of the clothing we sell comes from sources such as these.  

Durability, quality and value  

We wash and wear test our garments and aim to supply the best value products we can.  As such we review our products on an annual basis taking into consideration:  

  • customer feedback from our testing panel 
  • our own wash testing 
  • returns and complaints 
  • liaison with other retailers  
  • pricing  


Fit, style and suitability 

We ask our customers to review fit and style as part of our customer panel testing.  We also sample garments regularly and have customers staff and friends wear to ensure the fit and style is fit for purpose.    


The needs of the school 

We have a framework to ensure schools who wish to change their uniform do so after taking into consideration a range of options including: 

  • availability 
  • affordability 
  • proximity to other schools (and their uniform)  
  • gender neutrality and equality  



We like to work in partnership with our suppliers and believe that honesty and transparency is key.   


If you have any questions or comments about this or any other of our policies please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at info@impressionsuniform.co.uk 


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