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Our Gender Policy

Where possible we endeavour not to identify uniform in our shop or on-line as gender specific.  We prefer to use terms such as ‘girls fit’, ‘boys fit’ or unisex.   

We do not separate our website sections into girls and boys. 

We try to ensure girls and boys items are as consistent in price as possible.  So, for instance, if girls and boys both wear a polo shirt then these would be the same price.  However, this is more difficult when there are completely different items for girls and boys.  For example, in sports kits skorts (worn generally by girls) are more expensive than shorts.  Some schools have leggings in place of shorts for girls.  We do however to make prices as similar as possible.  

We always advise schools to make items as non gender-specific as possible.  For instance, where there are 2 types of shorts (girls fit and boys fit) we would advise that students can in fact purchase either.  If schools select leggings for girls we would suggest that girls be allowed to purchase shorts as well as leggings and that boys be allowed some sort of base layer.   

For primary schools we advise against making tartan pinafores/skirts compulsory as this can be more costly than a plain grey alternative.  

Where items are similar in nature, but the purchase price is different we endeavour to keep the prices as closely aligned as possible and where we can, the same. 

If you have any questions or comments about this or any other of our policies please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at info@impressionsuniform.co.uk 


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