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‘Happy customers are our priority’

Our Commitment to the Planet

We have a sustainability policy that ensures the protection of our planet is considered in all of our decisions.   

Wherever possible we choose products and garments made from sustainable sources or recycled materials.  This is always the first consideration for any purchase we make.   

This year we switched all of our ties in favour of ties made with recycled plastic content and cardboard instead of plastic sleeves.

All of our blazers are made from polyester created from recycled bottles and our new lines of blazers are made from 100% recycled content.   

We source and sell stationery made from recycled materials and packaged in sustainable materials.  

We recycle locally.  For example, all of the plastic packaging our garments arrive in, get taken to a plant 2 miles away to be recycled into building materials.  

We purchase goods for our shops with sustainability in mind.  For example: 

  • We purchase our toilet paper from ‘Who Gives a Crap’ 
  • Our recycled paper towels come from a company in the same village. 
  • We use Eco-friendly cleaning products. 
  • We have banned single use plastics from the shop and give every member of staff their own water bottle.  
  • Our deliveries are sent in compostable mailing bags.  Our carrier bags are made from 100% recycled materials and are designed for re-use.  We avoid printing where possible. 
  • We drive hybrid cars. 
  • We recycle all rubbish. 
  • We have fitted energy efficient measures in our buildings such as TRV valves, insulation and LED lighting.


In January 2020 we held our first ECO week where we showcased garments made from recycled and sustainable sources.  We shared lesson plans on recycling plastic with teachers and had a joint supplier/retailer meeting around the promotion of sustainable practices within our industry.   

We promote sustainability in blogs and marketing material regularly. (The boss is a self-confessed ‘tree-hugger’ – so this isn’t going to change!!)  


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