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‘Happy customers are our priority’

Our Commitment to our Staff

Our Vision

To make uniform shopping hassle free in a way that protects and enhances people, communities and planet  

Commitment to investing in our staff

We want our staff to be part of our growth, feel committed to being part of the team and more importantly to feel happy and fulfilled.   

We are currently working towards the Greater Manchester Good Employers charter.   

We currently have one apprentice and have previously trained an apprentice who is now in employment with us. 

Our staff all have contracts with at least minimum hours (we never issue zero hours contracts)  

We are committed to self-development and incorporate this into our appraisal scheme and our every day operations.  

Our permanent staff have shares in the company and get profit shares in the business.  

We promote a friendly, supportive and inclusive team approach.  

Out staff fill in weekly review forms where they share their wins and identify areas for learning.  They then set work and personal targets for the week and month ahead.  We have an annual company meeting where we review the year as a team and plan for the year ahead.  

We also have a set of values that drive HOW we work rather than what we do.  

The first 6 are non-negotiable: 

  • Choose to be positive 
  • Be Open and Transparent 
  • Be Customer Obsessed 
  • Focus on Self improvement 
  • Do the right thing 
  • Protect our planet 

To enable us to do this we adopt the following methods: 

  • Listen to understand not to reply 
  • Be Clear 
  • Take time to reflect 
  • Work smarter not harder 
  • Show Gratitude 

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