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‘Happy customers are our priority’

Customer Product Evaluation Panel

How it works 

You will be given free garments to test for us.  Garments will be relevant to your child and the school they attend.  We will ask you to report on the garment a minimum of 4 times.  This will be simply filling in a form online and emailing it back to us.  We will provide training on how to fill the form in (this usually takes about 30 minutes).

We will ask you to list things like:  

  • Type of washing machine 
  • How you dry clothes 
  • Brand of detergent 
  • What you washed the garment with

There is no right or wrong answer to these questions.  We are simply looking to build up a knowledge base so that we can give our customers the best possible advice for keeping uniform looking its best for the longest possible time.

We will also invite you to a customer panel meeting twice a year.  This is where you can discuss your findings with others, share your experiences of our service and where we can ask your advice on how best to provide services to you.   We will ask you to bring your garments to these meetings for comparison and may ask you further questions.  Again, there is no right or wrong answer!  We may also ask your opinion on our services, our website, our publications and our shops.   

If that works for you then we will be delighted to welcome you to our panel.   Please reply with ‘I’m in’ to this email and we arrange for you to come in for your training session and to receive your free garments.   

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To see what our Customer Panel Review Form looks like, click the button below!

Customer Panel Review Form


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